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Liver Transplant Outcomes & Survival Rate Information

Liver Transplant Outcomes & Survival RateLiver transplant centers have their survival rate statistics tracked by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), and Tampa General Hospital*s Transplant Institute?is no exception. When looking at these numbers, it*s important to remember that many factors can affect the statistics. For example, survival rates may be different for transplant programs that accept many difficult transplant cases that other transplant centers may not accept. TGH is one of the transplant centers that does accept high-risk organ transplant patients, and when the SRTR analyzes our survival rates, it takes this difference into account and even provides ※expected rates§ that indicate what would be anticipated at our program if it were performing like similar programs with similar patients.

According to?Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients?data, the one-year adult patient survival rate for the liver transplant procedures at TGH is typically comparable to the national rate.

Factors That Affect TGH*s High Liver Transplant Survival Rates

We have a higher-than-average?liver transplant survival rate thanks to many factors, including our experience treating a high volume of patients. In fact, our liver transplant program is ranked #7 in the nation by volume.?This high volume of transplants gives our transplant health care team more opportunities for addressing the challenges specific to liver transplant patients.

Some of the other factors that play a role in TGH*s high survival rates include:

  • Our interdisciplinary team 每 The members of our liver transplant health care team are also intimately involved with TGH*s other organ transplant programs. Through these interactions, our interdisciplinary team gains valuable knowledge and experience pertinent to liver transplant procedures.
  • Our relationship with our organ procurement organization 每 We work with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of the nation*s top organ procurement organizations. This close relationship 每 not to mention LifeLink*s successful procurement efforts 每 helps us maintain one of the shortest times to transplant in Florida and the nation.

For more information about Tampa General Hospital*s liver transplant survival rates and statistics, visit the?.?For more information about the liver transplant recovery process, click here.