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Adaptive Sports?

Adaptive sports are modifications made to the rules or equipment of common sports, or the creation of new sports or activities to allow individuals with mobility impairments to participate. There are many opportunities for participation, including: recreational activities, performing arts, individual sports, or team/competitive sports. Adaptive sports allow those with disabilities to enjoy a higher quality of life by living a socially and physically active lifestyle. Whatever your goals are, whether it be enjoying a new activity with family or friends, competing, meeting new friends and peers, or becoming more physically fit there is a sport for you.
Participation in Adaptive Sports has been found to provide participants with the opportunities to:
  • Improve likelihood of employment
  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve concentration, planning, leadership, and social skills
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Improve self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence
  • Decrease pain and dependence on pain medication
  • Increase physical activity
  • Build strength, endurance, agility, improve balance and coordination
  • Create new friendships
  • Build knowledge of and promote adjustment to disability
  • Increase independence
  • Return to activities previously enjoyed
  • Develop new skills and abilities
  • Compete and have fun!
In addition, regular physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, stroke, recurrence of conditions, and can prevent other secondary medical complications.

Local Resources

  • Action and adaptive sports training, clinics, events, equipment, and resources.
  • Wheelchair Motocross (WCMX), adaptive skateboarding, watersports, wind sports
  • Contact Tony Torres: 727-265-6080
  • Sports, fitness, and recreational facility in Central Florida designed specifically for those with disabilities. Sports include: wheelchair basketball, goal ball, power wheelchair soccer, sitting volleyball, sled hockey, wheelchair tennis, sit-skiing and sit-wakeboarding

  • Therapeutic Recreation program offers adaptive sports programming for youth and adults with disabilities.
  • Resources for recreational areas, facilities, programs, events, and opportunities for people of all abilities.
  • All People¡¯s Life Center: Recreation Center that focuses on programming and amenities for people with disabilities.
  • Local chapter, enhances members¡¯ quality of life by eliminating attitudinal, physical and legal barriers through community partnerships with groups and organizations who share the same goals
  • Provides group bowling opportunities at a variety of bowling alleys in the area. Handle and stick bowling as well as ramp bowling are available.
  • Therapeutic Recreation program offers adaptive sports programming for youth and adults with disabilities.


National Organizations


Equipment Resources & Grants

  • Provides grants for sports equipment for people with physical disabilities.

  • Provides funding for youth, military, and training/educated for adaptive sports.

  • Provides resources and inspiration for those who suffer a life-altering injury (spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, other mobility limiting injuries).

  • Grants are awarded to individuals with disabilities to increase physical activity and allow children to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness.

  • Goal of the organization is to break down the financial barrier to living an active lifestyle for individuals with SCI

  • Assists candidates with funding to cover specialized equipment and recreational activities.

  • Sports wheelchairs
  • Contact Katrina Piparo: 800-532-8677

  • Assists children, adults, and veterans with spinal cord injuries by providing funding and grants for equipment and adaptive recreation.

  • VA Adaptive Sports Grant Program provides grant funding to organizations to increase and expand adaptive sport activities for veterans and service members with disabilities.